We are a group of young professionals who have gone out to the world fueled with a strong spirit and patience. Some of us have been in the UK  for many years whilst others have come here recently. However, we all came in this country full of hopes and dreams.

We took it upon ourselves to found the ‘Ithaca Greek Cultural Society’ with passion and respect to our traditions. Our main aims are to promote the Greek culture and to create an organized, well-functioning Greek centre which we feel was missing from the West Midlands until now.

For all of us Greece is represented by great composers such as Mikis Theodorakis, great painters such as Yannis Tsarouchis word known singers such as Maria Kallas.

Greece also resides in the smells of basil and fried meatballs coming from the whitewashed yards of the houses in Cyclades, the foamy response of the sea on the golden shores. In the lazy splashing of the waves on the boat’s hull, as it is about to embark on its journey across the Aegean… Greece is an elixir of life… Greece has no borders, no beginning or end … It is “a sack that is shaken by the waves, but never sinks”.


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