The aim of our society is to support and enrich the lives of local communities by promoting Greek ethics, customs, and traditions. We have a strong commitment not only to stay connected with our Greek culture but also to share this culture with the wider society of Birmingham and the West Midlands. To meet the above objectives we work with community groups, special schools, homeless organisations, and with individuals at the University of Birmingham and NHS to share our charitable purpose, identity, and culture.

In line with our objective, the main beneficiary of our charitable work is the Open Theatre Company. Open Theatre has been developing work with Young People with Learning Disabilities (YPWLD) through non-verbal physical theatre for over 30 years (since 1984). The aim of the company is to explore young people’s creativity leading to a positive impact on learning outcomes, capacity to learn, confidence and sense of self, and the roles they can play in the world.

In addition, we support:

  • Organisations that benefit child victims of any form of violence
  • The Red bag Co (Non-profit organisation helping the homeless in Birmingham)
  • Organisation for children with health problems and children living in poverty or threatened by poverty.

We also run a range of well – attended arts and culture projects with the aim to unite both the Greek and non- Greek communities in Birmingham.