The logo of our society is the Athenian trireme (ancient sea vessel) with the Greek flag as its background to unite the ancient and contemporary Greek cultures with the integral element of the Greek sea.



Why our hearts are filled with Ithaca…



‘Ithaca’ from the verse of C. P. Cavafy’s poem of the same name: “Keep Ithaca always in your mind.” In this way, we wish to honour our renowned, Greek poet Cavafy. He had a special relationship with the UK, as he spent some years in his early life in London and Liverpool and gained experiences, aesthetic judgment and sensibilities which later played a big part and inspired his poetry and thought.





‘Ithaca’ because we love the journey and want a bigger company to join us for more fun… There’s plenty of space on the trireme!


‘Ithaca’ because we are all moved by the thought of making it back to our country, Greece, one day.


‘Ithaca’ because we identify with Ulysses.


‘Ithaca’ because the journey and destination unite us.


‘Ithaca’ because we are constantly baptised in the blue seas and Homer’s shores.


‘Ithaca’ because we love the stories under the shimmering moonlight.


‘Ithaca’ which is synonymous to freedom, hope and homecoming.


‘Ithaca’ because we were taught as children to love what is beautiful, to hope for the best and to believe in freedom.


This logo was designed by Andreas Sakketos.