The name of the organization shall be Greek Cultural Society of Birmingham ‘’Ithaca’’ and it’s established to promote the Greek Culture in the West Midlands and bring together the various Greek professionals under a single organization. The society’s logo has an ancient Greek boat (Trireme) and the Greek flag in the background. The association has a round seal bearing the inscription in Greek language ‘’ Ελληνικός Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Birmingham ‘’Η Ιθάκη’’ and the inscription ‘’Greek Cultural Society of Birmingham ‘’Ithaca’’ in English language. The sign of the Association is in the middle of the seal and below that is the date of its founding (2018). The seat of the Association is defined as 75 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, B15 3DH in Birmingham. The weekly classes will take place at Summer Hill House, 18-21 Summer Hill Terrace, B1 3RA and at Birmingham’s University as well.

The main aim of the Greek Cultural Society ‘’Ithaca’’ shall be to become a reference point amongst the Greek citizens in the wider West Midlands region and to cultivate their cultural identity, thereby enhancing their positive presence and contribution in the United Kingdom.

The main motivation for the creation of this society is the increased migration flow of young professionals from Greece and Cyprus during the second decade of 21st century and the need to preserve their cultural identity but also to communicate Greek values, customs and traditions to the people of United Kingdom. The association also aims to act as a bridge between the newly arrived Greeks (From Greece and Cyprus) in Birmingham and the existing historical Greek-Cypriot community (including also the developing Greek community) of Birmingham.

The main goals set by the association are:

o To preserve the cultural identity of the Greek citizens of the West Midlands and spread values, manners, customs and traditions beyond the Greek community.

o To develop a spirit of social solidarity, co-operation, unity and tightening of relations between members of the association and the Greeks of the wider West Midlands region, free from all sorts of fragmentation, fanaticism, discord, racism, chauvinism and selfishness.

o To cultivate the ideals of freedom, peace and democracy, elements essential to the progress of civilization.

o To promote the Greek ideal through sport activities, charity events and arts.

o To develop co-operation with cultural institutions and other associations, with state of private organizations, with groups of citizens and businesses active in the field of culture, when they have goals similar to this group, always in terms of equality, autonomy, impartiality and democracy.

o To organize workshops on national, social and cultural issues or issues of general and public interest related to Greece and its culture.

o To support and enhance the development of modern forms of folk expression and creation, that highlight and confirm the continuity of culture within the historical path of humanity.

o To engage in charity actions in order to support our Greek compatriots with immediate needs.

o To promote active participation in volunteer programs for charity. The aims of the association will be achieved by the following means:

o Organizing training sessions, lectures, discussions, art-paintings, photography exhibitions, theatre performances and film screenings, musical events, lotteries, educational and entertaining excursions etc.

o By the creations of weekly educational classes of traditional folk dances, iconography, jewelry and handicrafts, byzantine music, choir etc.

o By sending statement to the authorities, announcements in the printed and electronic press and co-operation with other relevant associations as well as educational promoters from Greece and the United Kingdom, on issues related to the purposes of the association.

In order to fulfil these targets, the association shall have the power to:

o Create Bank accounts.
o Rent or buy premises.
o Obtain, collect and receive money or funds by way of contributions,

donations, grants and any other lawful method towards the aims of the

o Associate with local authorities, voluntary organisations and residents

of West Midlands in a common effort to carry out the aims of the

o Do all such lawful things as will further the aims of the association.

The members of the club are distinguished in:

o FOUNDING MEMBERS: Those who have pioneered the founding of the Association and have signed this original statute. The founding members are 9 (nine) and their number remains unchanging throughout the life of the club. Each founding member will pay the amount of £150 in order to establish the club and sign this statute. The original Management Committee will be constituted by the founding members and their role will be decided after internal elections. In case of voluntary departure of a founding member from the Association, it will be replaced by another person elected by the majority of the Management Committee and provided that this Statute is adopted.

If no alternate member is found there will be a draw for which member of the Management Committee will have a double vote in the decision of the Association, until a substitute is found. This arrangement will be valid for the first four-year period.

o REGULAR MEMBERS: A regular member can be registered on request and by paying the annual membership fee if they meet one of the following conditions and after they have reached the age of 18:

  1. Be a resident of the West Midlands
  2. To be a permanent resident of another region of Greece orabroad that originates (from father or mother) from Greece or Cyprus, as well as their spouses.
  3. Be a resident of the Greater England region and be interested in getting in touch with Greek culture and tradition.

By subscribing to the Association, the regular members declare full acceptance of the provisions of this Constitution.

The annual subscription is set at £30 for the first year of operation of the Association (April to December 2018) and £50 from the second

year of operation onwards. Annual subscription may be changed following a decision by the Management Committee.

o HONORARY MEMBERS: These are persons who have provided excellent services to the Association, the state or society. The appointment of honorary members may be proposed by any member of the Association (founding or tactical) and must be voted by the plenary of the Management Committee or at least one fifth (1/5) of the full/Regular members. Honorary members and their contribution are listed in a special book.

The members of the Association must have the capacity to act. Membership is personal and is acquired from the day of registration in the Association’s Registers. Each registration is decided by the Management Committee of the Association at the request of the person concerned and they pay the annual subscription.

Regular members are required to take part in the annual general meeting. The first annual general meeting will take place within 12 (twelve) months of the date of establishment of the Association and will then continue to be held on an annual basis. Regular members should also be present at the emergency meetings. Every regular member has the right to vote and to stand as long as they have Greek nationality and have completed 2 (two) years of service in the Association.

The Board of Directors consists of 9 members as follows: 1 (one) President, 2 (two) Vice-Presidents, 1 (one) Secretary General, 1 (one) Treasurer and 4 (four) members. The original Management Committee is elected for four (four) years among the founding members. During the four-year period, roles can be redistributed among the founding members if it is decided by the majority of the board of directors. Beyond the four-year term, and once the 100 (one hundred) ordinary members are overcome, a new Board of Directors will be elected by the Annual General Assembly of the members by direct and secret ballot. If the 100 (one hundred) regular members have not been exceeded in 4 (four) years, the Management Committee will continue in the existing form until the abovementioned number of full members is exceeded. The initial elected Board of Directors will have a four-year term, and then new elections will be held every two years.

On the day of the election, the candidate counsellors give their names to the President of the Convention and he/she, in turn, writes the names of the candidates in alphabetical order on a table in the room. The voting is monitored and controlled by the electoral committee elected by the General Assembly under the high supervision of the Founding Members. Counsellors become the first 9 (nine) to get the most votes. The next 3 (three) in turn are runners-up and in the event of a tie, a draw is drawn. The 9 (nine) first will decide between themselves on the role they will have on the Management Committee.

The Management Committee has the right to approve or reject applications for registration in the Association’s registers or even to delete a regular member if it is considered inappropriate for fulfilling the aims of the association, provided that this member will be investigated first, prior to the final decision.

In order to make any decision, 60% of the members of the Board of Directors should be present at each meeting.

A review of the Constitution’s Articles of the Association may be made every two years, within the framework of the annual general meeting, if the matter is raised by the Management Committee or the full members and the majority of the Founding Members agree.

The resources of the Association come from:

o The annual subscriptions of the regular members of the Association. o The monthly subscriptions of members and not for participation in the

training and educational activities of the Association.
o Income from the organization of seminars and training sessions. o Donations, inheritances, legacies and various benefits to the

Association from members, friends of the association, the State, legal entities, organizations and profits from various events of the Association.

o Any other revenue coming from a legal resource.

The Association may be dissolved absolutely if more than 2/3 of its members decide at the annual general meeting and the majority of the Founding Members agree. In case of dissolution, all acquired material goods will be distributed to charities with a similar effect.

Please download the constitution by clicking here