We are proud to put inclusivity at the heart of our work. Ithaca Greek Cultural society is for everyone and we offer many different ways for you to get involved whether it’s volunteering your time, improving your wellbeing or exploring a community-led exhibition.

  1. Volunteer locally: there are plenty of opportunities to make an impact on our work. i.e we are looking for volunteers to join us in our homeless reach on Sunday evenings (in Birmingham city center) then eventually we will be looking for team leaders to manage a team on another day of the week. We are also looking for people to support our annual Greek Cultural Festival ”Ithacia” in September (which is a family-friendly and free event for all and attracts more than 1500 people). Furthermore, we are seeking volunteers to support our regular cultural workshops and exhibitions.
  2. Spread the word: Every share, post and flyer display of our work amongst circles of influence is considered a deeply political move. In fact, studies show that these moves have a significant effect on the number of donations there are, so doing your part has a significant impact.
  3. Financial support:  There are two different ways to financially contribute to our work. You may either register with our society and become a member or make a donation. 
  4. Clothes & food: If you have spare clothes or food DO NOT waste it. Get in touch with us. Someone else will need them.