The term Greek Byzantine music, according to Constantine Paparigopoulos, is the music of the Greek Orthodox Church which although is based on the music of ancient Greeks, it has been developed mainly in Byzantio and has constituted a specific melodic system. The term Byzantine music is produced from the term ‘Byzantio’. The Byzantine music is composed exclusively of Greek scripts and melody. Greek and foreign historians are in agreement that these melodies, the ecclesiastical sounds and generally the whole system of Byzantine music, are linked closely to the ancient Greek music system.                 

Education of the chants

Chants are educated in specialised schools. In Constantinople, music teachers were teaching the church music. In the years of  JustinianEmperor, the temple of Saint Sophia had 25 chants and 100 readers who were assisting in the chanting.

Where & when:Greek School of Apostolos Andreas, 8 Arthur Place Summer Hill Terrace Birmingham B1 3DA,  every alternative Tuesday 18:30-20:00 (Beginners) & every Wednesday 18:30-20:00 (Advanced) 

Type of lesson: Group

Duration of  the class: 1,5 hours every alternative week

Registration: Yes

Monthly tuition: Yes

Tutor: Andreas Kidess